dimanche 31 janvier 2016


Modern ways of communication
(abridged from a short story read in a Spanish newspaper)

He was recently divorced.

It was Christmas time.

His sons and daughters were studying abroad.

When he arrived late at home after work, he was bored once in a while.

He felt so lonely…

A friend told him to try things on the Internet.

He started to learn how to manage the new technology.

He learnt to search attractive web pages through his personal computer.

One day he joined a chat room.

After three months chatting with a woman in the chat he decided to make a date with her.

That woman met his requirements. They both had the same feelings, the same hobbies and many other things in common.

He thought he had found his soul mate.

The woman should wear a green scarf to the coffee shop.

He went there that day in time and was waiting for her reading a newspaper.

At a moment someone stood in front of him.

He lifted up his eyes and who was there?

The woman in the green scarf.

His ex-wife.    

Good heavens!


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